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Are Blogs Dying?

Is blogging dead? The question pukes out of search engines upon typing it in, along with plenty of savvy analyses. So needless to say, mine is unnecessary; give it a search. But a common conclusion is that it isn’t dead, it’s just not alive. That is to say, blogs aren’t the same anymore. For years I had thought about blogging too, after reading and following so many others. But this is 2016, not… I don’t know… 2000. More addictive things have come along. Social networking has consumed the web connected, and with it, carried alternatives to, and diversions away from,...

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The First Blog Post

I think I’ve attempted to “blog” for about 10 years. Back in the day, I tried to write in journals. But I failed, and I often regret not having a journal to crack open and browse my own history with. I fear I’ve lost so many experiences and details from memory. But I guess not enough to actually start one. Blogging and social networking is the modern equivalent. Like journals, I’ve tried this too, and couldn’t make it stick. I’ve started, deleted, and tried again many times. I’ve even written crap like this very post every stink’n time! It’s so...